Engedi Church exists to advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide. Engedi believes in cultivating an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere where people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to experience God in a real way. Many different campuses and ministries within the church such as students, young adults, global missions, and Español gatherings make it possible for people to encounter a diverse community of believers who are committed to loving and serving each other while making a greater difference in the world.
Engedi also believes in embracing creative vision through their design, production, teachings, curriculum, and worship. This is shown through this collection of various campaigns and promotional materials for events, teaching series, publications, and social media: 
Rotating pre + post-gathering slides:
Digital / print graphics for church-wide event:
Digital / print graphics for church-wide event:
View additional print + editorial design here:
Teaching series promo package:
Misc. social media / print graphics:
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